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Japan Craft Shampoo クラフト シャンプー



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Achieve repair, odor elimination, and prevent graying with HEMATIN SHAMPOO. Infused with plant extracts and UV protection for improved hair and scalp health.

VOYAGE COSMETICS Hematin Shampoo has benefits to help repair damage, eliminate odours and prevent grey hair. It also helps penetrate nutrients into the hair.
Hematin combined with high concentrations also helps improve the hair and scalp.
Blended with 10 kinds of plant extracts,its formula also has benefits of UV care and long-lasting curl and color.

Improves scalp environment and creates strong scalp for strong hair growth

HEMATIN SHAMPOO Improves the scalp environment with its cleansing power and antioxidant action. For anti-aging care starting from now. Recommended for men as well, as it thoroughly cleanses the scalp.


1 Brushing
Gently brush hair from the hairline to the ends.

POINT - To remove sebum from the scalp, use shampoo.
Brushing will lift the sebum from the scalp, which will help shampoo to lather more easily.

2 Rinse
Wet the entire scalp and hair thoroughly, and rinse the scalp while massaging the scalp with your fingers to remove sweat, sebum, and dirt.

3 Shampoo
Lather shampoo in palm of hand. Shampoo in the order of hair ends ▶ scalp.
When washing the scalp, massage the scalp in the direction of hair growth.
Do not forget the nape of the neck, the backs of the ears, the fringe, and the face area.

When the scalp becomes stiff, the hair does not receive the nutrients and oxygen it needs, which can lead to hair loss, thinning, and graying.
Repeated massage improves blood circulation and softens the scalp.

Rinsing is actually the most important step.
The most common cause of scalp problems is not rinsing out shampoo.
Furthermore, applying treatment while shampoo is still on the scalp can reduce the effectiveness of the treatment.
Please rinse carefully so as not to leave any residue.

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